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Hospital Cafeteria Point Of Sale System

ARBA Pro hospital cafeteria point of sale systems connects hospitals outlets and manages tedious tasks that drain time, money, and human resources. Hospital cafeterias, hospital gift shops, hospital pharmacies, HR, payroll departments, and other hospital outlets can all be connected with the ARBA Pro cafeteria point of sale system. Files can be viewed, shared, or transferred with the click of a button, making everyone's job a little bit easier.

The process is quite simple on the user's end. Employees who want to purchase food, snacks, beverages, or anything else from any participating hospital outlet, swipe their employee badges and funds are deducted automatically from the employee's next paycheck. Once they swipe, a file is sent to HR and payroll. The employer is not burdened.  Essentially, the software takes care of everything.

Manage Your Tasks Better, Increase Profitability, and Make Everyone Happy

Employees enjoy, and in many cases expect, that they'll be able to receive this benefit working in hospitals, as most hospitals nowadays offer payroll deduction opportunities. The ARBA Pro hospital cafeteria point of sale system not only provides a hassle-free, common sense payroll deduction opportunity for employees, but it also increases revenue for hospitals and manages much of the tedious tasks that used to require full-time staff and an Excel spreadsheet expert. Microsoft Excel is a great resource. However, creating Excel spreadsheets is very time-consuming. One error or typo can lead to hours of backtracking and problem-solving. 

The ARBA Pro cafeteria point of sale system allows employees to select the items they want and scan their badges at the POS terminal. Micro and macro-financial information can be pulled up instantly, providing a detailed look at each employee's profile. The accuracy, speed, and support our systems give employers to make our hospital cafeteria point of sale system a must-have.

You will find (if you haven't already) that employees will frequently have questions about previous charges deducted from their paychecks. Even though they should know what they've deducted, they often don't. ARBA Pro itemizes each deduction and shows their balances, and that information can be pulled up right at the POS terminal. ARBA Pro is never wrong.

Manage Your Payroll Deductions Effectively

One of the benefits of working in a hospital is that employees are close to work when they get sick. When the employer sets up payroll deductions, they can set limits on spending amounts and items to be purchased. This information can be modified at any time. If your employees get sick and need medication, your payroll deduction can be set to allow deductions for medicine purchased in the hospital pharmacy. Your employees will surely appreciate this added benefit.

In the event an employee gets sick, the cost of their medication may be more than one pay period's spending limit. ARBA Pro cafeteria point of sale system lets employers split deductions into several pay periods. This can be a huge benefit to employees and increase sales of more expensive items. Contact ARBA Pro today to install or upgrade your hospital cafeteria point of sale system.

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