Our Post-press and bindery services are among the most diverse in Ontario. If your project requires saddle stitching, it can be collated, stitched and trimmed simultaneously on our Mueller-Martini. We also offer perfect binding, a variety of folding configurations, automated presentation folder gluing, comb binding, wire-o-binding, drilling, round cornering, shrink wrapping, specialty hand work, foil stamping, embossing, die cutting, scoring, perforating, numbering, laminating, grommets, and a large selection of foil colors.

Our Fulfillment Department assures that the finished product reaches its destination. We can ship directly to your end user, whether it's one location or 500 locations. We deliver door to door within the GTA, as well as use Federal Express, UPS, and common carriers for other destinations.

Once data is converted to a suitable format, we validate it to ensure accuracy. If converting to XML/SGML, the UPC parses the data to ensure that it conforms to your DTD. In the proofing stage, data specialists check the data accuracy by taking random samples. These quality assurance steps keep THE UPC's accuracy rate at 99.9%.

Colour Management

In a color management method for a printing press, colorimetic values of a first patch for generating a profile printed by the printing press are measured, so that a printing press profile representing a color reproduction characteristic of the printing press is generated from the measured colorimetic values of the first patch and a dot area percent of each ink color predetermined in correspondence with the first patch. Colorimetic values of a second patch for determining stability of the printing press printed by the printing press are measured. The measured colorimetic values of the second patch is compared with colorimetic values, in the printing press profile, having a dot area percent substantially equal to a dot area percent of each ink color predetermined in correspondence with the second patch. A warning is generated on the basis of a comparison result.