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Start Your Marketing Engines- Proactive Marketing during a recession

Published on January 20, 2009


Let talk about the biggest topic on everyone’s mind at the moment; the recession. The economic situation of not just Canada but the entire world is putting a strain on every kind of business. So in order to balance out the situation we need to cut budgets, jobs, marketing etc? Right. Well, not exactly.

According to a 2005 report out of Penn State’s Smeal College of Business, “Turning adversity into advantage: Does proactive marketing during a recession pay off?” , for a company to be well positioned, an economic recession should not dictate cuts to the marketing budget but rather a more aggressive increase in marketing spending to establish superior business performance in the marketplace. The report surveyed 154 senior marketing executives to see why some firms boost their marketing especially during a downturn. “The study finds that firms entering a recession with a pre-established strategic emphasis on marketing; an entrepreneurial culture; and a sufficient reserve of under-utilized workers, cash, and spare production capacity are best positioned to approach recessions as opportunities to strengthen their competitive advantage.”
Reasons to Market More:

• If your competitors reduce their marketing then there’s less noise to compete with, and your campaigns will gain a louder, clearer voice
• Customers will be looking for those businesses who are still actively engaging with them, and delivering messages that are relevant to their changing needs
• Lowering brand awareness loses market share that’s hard to win back
• With customers spending less, every sale will be harder to win. Therefore it makes sense to market more rather than less

Four UPC Products to establish a competitive advantage through aggressive marketing.

1. Variable Data.
a. Our Variable data solutions can create a personalized piece to initiate that point of contact between you and your customer. As well, set up online trackback options to check the status of your products. Email or Call us for more information.

2. Flyers, Postcards & Brochures
a. These timeless products will always keep your product or business at the forefront of customer minds.

3. Poster & Banners
a. Boost your company’s culture through positive message posters within your work centers. People are very conscious of the times and positive messages go a long way to improve productivity and creativity.

4. Branding Your Company.
a. Print all your business cards, letterheads,& presentation folders with congruent themes to project a unified idea to your customers.

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