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Improve ROI with Variable Data Printing (VDP)

Published on June 23, 2009

hereTo be profitable in any business you need a successful sales and marketing strategy that maximizes revenue and minimizes costs. It needs to provide a good Return on Investment for the business. Direct Marketing coupled with variable data printing provides a very cost effective way to personally approach customers and gain that return.

Variable Data Printing and Response Rates

The biggest benefit of Variable Data is the increase in response rates to your marketing products. A standard mailing piece, which is generalized for the mass public gets approximately a 2% response rate. When you add Variable Data elements into the mix you boost that number from 2 to 15 times the regular rate.  While the rates will vary across different industries and sectors, the general consensus is that Variable Data will 9 out of 10 times produce significantly better rates that age old mass mailings.

How’s it Work?

The effectiveness of Variable data printing lies in its ability to communicate to customers on a personal level because it combines the power of databases with digital printing to create customized marketing pieces efficiently and in large quantities. What you have then is mass customization marketing.

There are two ways to printing Variable Data pieces:

  • A shell is pre-printed in large quantities to gain the efficiencies of full-colour offset printing. This shell is then run through an digital press to print the variable elements such as names, addresses and other custom information.
  • The entire finished piece becomes a custom document run on a digital press which can translate into custom colours, graphics and text content in every piece.

Variable data can essentially be broken down into three levels:

  • Basic Variable Data: this involves changing just the name and address of the piece
  • Version Variable Data: A more detailed level of customization, with text and graphics ganging for groups based on marketing segment
  • Full Variable Data: Fully customized pieces change for each individual on the database.

Picking a Variable Data Printing Supplier

When partnering with a printer, consider their knowledge of variable data printing as well as other services they offer.

They should know:

-          Graphic specifications for best outcome and production efficiency

-          Paper stock

-          Limitations of large blocks of solid or gradient colour

-          Images resolution and gradient colour

-          How the design is affects the final product.

-          Etc

Variable Data Printing is just one step in your marketing process. Look for a printer who encompasses fulfilment services such as mailing, order fulfilment, and kit assemble etc. You want a Print Partner that will cater to your needs today as well as adapt to your needs in the future.

For help with your Variable Printing Project contact the Ultimate Printing Company.

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