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Say Hello to my little friend !!!

October 27, 2009

xerox700Here at the UPC, we are always looking to provide improved and quicker services for our customers. So we asked ourselves, how can we get faster based on current customer demand? Well the obvious way is to get a new press and that is exactly what we did.

We are proud to announce the newest member of the UPC family, a New Xerox 700 Digital Press. This new press is extremely fast at 70 pages per minute. That is 10 pages more than our previous Xerox 5000 digital press. The quality is unmatched by any other digital press and best of all, it is our newest initiative in advancing our company towards being more eco-friendly.

The Xerox 700 Digital Press uses Xerox’s Patented Emulsion Aggregation Toner or EA Toner for short. This special toner has several advantages over standard toners – it is more efficient, uses less energy and is offers more cost savings. Xerox uses nano technology to grow the toner particles to the rights size as opposed to the traditional method of toner production which uses vast amounts of raw materials that is broken down to size.

EA uses 25% less energy and 50% less toner is needed to produce the same quantity of prints conventional toner would have used. But don’t let the lack of toner fool you. The new Xerox 700 prints out some of the sharpest and most detailed colour prints that you will ever see. The quality of output from this digital press is the closest that any digital press has come to offset presses. These high quality colour prints makes this press ideal for catalogues, manuals, bi and tri-fold brochures, mailers, Variable Prints, postcards, presentations and photo speciality products including photo books and calendars. Also, this technology was developed here in Mississauga and supplies all Xerox customers worldwide providing a much need income into the Canadian economy.

With this new press our capabilities have sky rocketed. We now can run at a combined speed of 192 pages per minute. Now, that is extremely fast. Got a rush job then just send it over to us and watch how fast we can get your job done and back to you so that you can move on to taking care of your customers.

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We installed a new Heidelberg XL105 Press

January 20, 2009

Our New Heidelberg xl105
Our New Heidelberg xl105

The UPC welcomes its newest and biggest member of the family. Our new Heidelberg Speedmaster Xl105 is being installed as we speak. The Xl105 runs at a steady 18000 sph and with a maximum sheet size of 29.53″ x 41.34″.

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