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New Product Announcement: UPC Photobooks

July 28, 2009


Photo books are the new way to cherish moments in time, present your product line or many other fun filled items that

What Are Photo Books?

            Photo Books are unique printed pieces that display high quality images in the form of a book. With current print technology, high resolution digital files can be translated in hi-res prints that create one-of-a-kind printed and bound books.

Be your own Publisher

            One of the many advantages of Photo books is that you can be your own publisher. Put your own content in your own books and show it to the world. Photo books provide a unique opportunity for aspiring authors, photographers, publishers to begin getting their books out there a few at a time. It is a great way to build up the popularity of your books while keeping your costs down.

Hi Quality Catalogues

            Photo books are also a great way to showcase your products. Create high stylized catalogues for your clients that they can look through or take away with them. Not only do they become an easy to reference catalogue of your products but also extends itself as a marketing tool for your company. These are great for fashion, accessories, sportswear, and other similar types of businesses with multiple product lines.

Presentation Books

            Photo Books create great presentation books for projects, presentations and other related material. Got a proposal coming up? Why not create a lasting impression with a photo book for your prospects. Not only is it something different from the everyday sell sheets and price lists but it provides a new opportunity for your company to stand out from your competitors.

At the UPC, we have several options for your photo books available. Please see below for options and contact us for cover templates and prices.

Sizes Available


Binding Options Available


Call us now for you next projects and make it one to stand out with the UPC.

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Hello World

January 19, 2009

Welcome to UPC-Buzz

the right hand blog of the Ultimate Printing Company or UPC. This will be our staging ground for articles, tips and information regarding Business, Print, Marketing and related topics as well as specials and promotions that we offer through the website. So stay tuned for more information

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